Last Minute

AirService every day carries out last minute services at competitive prices for services to be performed on the next day or two days.

Below is the bar dedicated to the last minute and can be booked immediately.

How is the service performed?

  • Last minute services start at a collection point that is easily accessible and accessible, such as the parking lot of the Sheraton Hotel or the Padua Train Station, and is specified in the service itself.
  • The departure time is immediately visible on the last minute card.
  • The service can be purchased by paying with Paypal or any credit card.
  • Before purchasing the service it is necessary to register by entering your data.

Last minute service is an opportunity to travel at discounted rates for airports. Obviously, at these rates, the service cannot have the characteristics of the traditional shuttle bus that picks you up directly at home, but it is an opportunity for those who travel frequently and pay particular attention to convenience.